Themaqueen Spin Cooler – Cooling Handle Massage

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Product Description

The spin cooler is a beauty device that combines the benefits of cooling massage therapy and rolling massage.

Besides tightening wrinkled and sagged skin, the Spin Cooler also smoothens uneven body lines giving the skin a firmer and healthier texture.

Its patented ball design allows the massage ball to be separated from the case.  Separate and place the ball in the freezer for 3 hrs for a cooling effect that lasts for up to 8hrs.

1. Put the cooler in the freezer for 2 ~ 3 hours.
2. Gently press or rub onto the treated area.
3. The massager instantly refreshes the skin with cooling effect, calms irritated skin and brightens skin tone.
4. For better effect, you can apply the rolling massage after the application of cosmetics such as essence, cream, sheet mask, hot gel, slimming cream and so on.

Structures and Materials
Handle: ABS. Cooling plate: Aliminium. Refrigerant (in the cooling plate)

Additional Information

Weight 205 g


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